Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacation Picts - Days 232 - 244 (Part 1)

It is clear that I have fallen behind in my duties in terms of posting to my blog.  I do have a valid excuse, though, since I was away from the internet for many, many days, and very busy the other days.  We drove from our current state out to South Dakota and Wyoming, then back.  It was a total of more than 4000 miles of driving.  Needless to say, I saw a lot of things and took a few pictures (1809 pictures on my camera, and 653 on the compact camera, which CrabGirl was in charge of, to be precise).  Since I obviously can't post even close to this many pictures (CrabMama did upload about 320 pictures to Picasa), I will post a very small selection (1% of the pictures that I took, or 18).

In this post, I show some shots of the first few days:

This is in the Bad Lands. 

Also in the Bad Lands.

I would show a picture of Mt. Rushmore, but I think that you have all seen one, so I will show a picture of goat instead.

I never new that the Needles in the Black Hills existed.  Here is a sample.

Last picture.  This is from Jewel Cave.

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