Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sideways Flower - Day 256

I spent a few minutes outside with my lens extenders playing with different lens.  I used my 80-200 lens first, which is a great lens.  The problem was that the focus is too in between with the 35mm lens extender.  I need to stack them together to use this lens.  Then I will lose a lot of light.  I need to play with it.  Then I took out my 50mm lens, still with the 35mm extender.  I could get very close then.  With a f-stop of 1.8, the depth of field was something like 1mm, which is Uber-tight.  For many of the pictures, I closed it up a bit with an f-stop of between 11 and 22, which allowed me to get in there very close, but not lose so much depth.  Another thing that I am learning about Macro is that you really DO need to use a tripod.  With a 1mm depth of field, any shaking at all, and you lose the picture you want.  I experimented a lot, but didn't get many pictures that I liked at all.  Here is one that I did like.

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