Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buggy - Day 260 (again)

I was trying to get a nice zoom in on this bug and the flower with my 70-200 zoom with a 35mm extension tube on it. The problem is that the autofocus is for crap with the extension tube. So, I get them as focused as I possibly can and take a picture. But, you can't really tell if they are in focus or not, since you only have the tiny screen. Grrrrr. I used my tripod, though! This is one of the only tripod pictures I have posted.


  1. I think this picture is fantastic even if the flower is not in focus!

  2. That's one of the big disadvantages of the digital SLR versus the film SLRs: many of (most of?) the film cameras' have a split image at the focus point, line the image up and you are in focus. On the digital you have either auto focus, which is nice, but you have to hope it's focusing on the where you want it to focus, or manual focus, which gives you control, but instead of the split image you have to focus a teeny tiny blurry image. God help you if you have crappy eyes!

    In any case, the composition and colors are lovely on this, even if the bug isn't in focus!