Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boulder Creek - Day 210

Here are two pictures of Boulder Creek.  One of the great features of Boulder is that there is a bike path that runs right next to the creek the entire length of town.  It is a beautiful place to walk and bike and think.
I was trying to do some tests with exposure lengths, depth of fields, and over/under exposures.  I am not positive if these are the best pictures, but it is a judgment call.  I have some very nice dark pictures in which you can barely see the details on the trees, but the creek looks a bit better.

Circle - Day 209

The really cool thing about this picture is you can see a jogger in the background.

On the Road Again - Day 208

There is a lot of crap on an airplane window!

Guitar, On Stage - Day 207

CrabBoy and CrabGirl gave a concert along with a lot of other people for their guitar recital.  They have it at a place that has a real stage, lighting, mikes, amps, etc.  It is a real concert!  Here is CrabGirl playing Danny Boy.  The lighting was extremely difficult.  I took it with ISO1600 (yikes!) and still had to do a 1/30 shutter speed with f5.6.  I wish it was a bit more crisp....

Construction - Day 206

They are building an underground parking garage downtown.  It means that there is a very, very large hole in the ground now.

CrabBoy, With Tattoo - Day 205

The kids love to get face and body paint. CrabBoy asked the lady to paint a hydra on him.  She didn't know what a hydra was, so he explained that it was an 8-headed dragon.  She spent about 15 minutes painting this on him, which is an impressive amount of time considering how many kids were waiting in line.

Up in the air - day 204

I built a balloon package that contained two cameras.  One of the camera worked perfectly throughout the entire flight - taking pictures every 15 seconds from launch up to 90,000 feet, and back down to the ground.  There are a LOT of pictures.  Here are three of them.  The first was taken within 10 minutes of takeoff.  You can see the tennis courts.  If you look very closely between the tennis courts and the main parking lot, you can see a couple vehicles parked on the side of the parking lot/entrance.  That is us.  So, this is a self portrait from about 10,000 feet:

The next picture is from about 90,000 feet.  You can once again see the package just below mine (just barely), as well as a lot of interesting stuff on the ground:

Final picture, with lakes and clouds:

Balloon Launch - Day 203

I am sorry that I have neglected my pictures for so long.  I was extremely busy last week, over the weekend, and the last couple of days.  I am on travel now, and things have settled down, so I can go through the pictures that I have taken over the last week.  Sadly, one of the days (actually, day 203), I forgot my backpack in the lab, and so I don't have any pictures from that day.  But, I have 800 pictures from the next day, so I will put one of those for day 203 and another for 204....  This picture is one of the bast balloon launch pictures that I have ever gotten.  It is like he is saying "Be free!" and it is flying away.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talking Turkey - Day 202

Not the most in focused image, but I was a ways away and I don't have a great zoom (excuses, excuses).  I was driving by and saw a field full of turkeys.  You have to stop and take a picture or five, right?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Death, Again - Day 201

He is always lurking around the corner.  Eating dead things in the road.

A Very Special Message From a Very Special Person on Day 200

As I am taking a number of lovely picture of my wife, this is the message that she sends me.  Sadly, I actually really like this picture, since it has good depth of field and her scars are in such good focus.  It is also well framed.  Sorry if this message is offensive!

Almost - Day 199

Maybe in a couple of days we will have some flowers..... Color is coming to our house!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Red Skies at Night (again)- Day 198

Don't make this picture any bigger than it is.  Trust me.  I uploaded a larger version, and you may be tempted to look at the larger version.  You will only be disappointed.  I am.  The sky looked so cool.  I wanted to capture it, but I think that the clouds are moving too quickly.  I had to open the shutter for 10 seconds to get this shot, which is enough time to blur the clouds.  Or maybe it is the fact that I actually pushed the button instead of using the timer.  Or that I suck as long exposure shots.  hmmm.  At least I used the tri-pod!  I never use the tri-pod!  I should practice these shots.

Yet Another Tree - Day 197

This is a tree with white flowers that is blooming.  There are a LOT of them around, and I have been searching for a good shot for the last week.  This is the best that I have come up with so far.  One of the problems is that you can never get a single, isolated one.  They are in neighborhoods with ugly houses and power lines and all sorts of crap around them.  This is as close as I could come.

Ring Around the Sun - Day 196

We launched a balloon today, but my dad took pretty much all of the pictures, since I was busy yelling and screaming at the students.  Actually, I was helping them.  When we recovered, I looked up at the sun and saw a big ring around it, so I thought I would take a picture of this.  It is the fastest setting my camera has (1/4000). Stupidly, I should have done it on a larger f-stop, but I didn't think of it... Oops.  But, I think that it turned out pretty well.

Almost Ready - Day 195

This is not my package, it is another team's.  They launched the next day.  Very nice and clean lines.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Turtle - Day 194

Crab Boy gets his wish once again.  And we have a turtle.  Maybe we will name it Turtle. Or perhaps Dribble.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grill, Baby, Grill - Day 193

We had some friends over for dinner, and I grilled.  Overall, it wasn't bad food.  Just a bit dry.  I pretty much suck on the grill. Oh well.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite - Day 192

Today was a great day to fly a kite.  Crab Girl and I spent about an hour flying her stunt kite, which was very cool.

Fail Balloon Half Done - Day 191

Just need to actually all of the electronics.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egg - Day 190

When you color eggs, sometimes the coloring bleeds through.

Doctor's Office - Day 189

While at the doctor's office for my decadal physical, I snapped some pictures.

Sunset - Day 188

Yet another sunset.  Since the sun has been setting close to when we have been going on walks, these are pretty common pictures.  But, I must say, they are very nice!

Dirty Dog - Day 187

It is too bad that I actually cleaned her first.  Would have made a better picture if she was covered in mud.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pre-Strawberry - Day 186

I just can't wait for fresh strawberries.  I used to hate them.  Now, I love them.

Knot - Day 186

I am knot sure what to say about this.

Homeward Bound - Day 184

The tiny people look like ants.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

LEDs - Day 183

This is an LED array that was put on a submersible unmanned drone that went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (11 km below the surface).  They had a cable that connected it to the boat at the surface.  So, that is a fiber optic cable that is about 7 miles long.