Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up in the air - day 204

I built a balloon package that contained two cameras.  One of the camera worked perfectly throughout the entire flight - taking pictures every 15 seconds from launch up to 90,000 feet, and back down to the ground.  There are a LOT of pictures.  Here are three of them.  The first was taken within 10 minutes of takeoff.  You can see the tennis courts.  If you look very closely between the tennis courts and the main parking lot, you can see a couple vehicles parked on the side of the parking lot/entrance.  That is us.  So, this is a self portrait from about 10,000 feet:

The next picture is from about 90,000 feet.  You can once again see the package just below mine (just barely), as well as a lot of interesting stuff on the ground:

Final picture, with lakes and clouds:

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