Friday, April 16, 2010

Red Skies at Night (again)- Day 198

Don't make this picture any bigger than it is.  Trust me.  I uploaded a larger version, and you may be tempted to look at the larger version.  You will only be disappointed.  I am.  The sky looked so cool.  I wanted to capture it, but I think that the clouds are moving too quickly.  I had to open the shutter for 10 seconds to get this shot, which is enough time to blur the clouds.  Or maybe it is the fact that I actually pushed the button instead of using the timer.  Or that I suck as long exposure shots.  hmmm.  At least I used the tri-pod!  I never use the tri-pod!  I should practice these shots.


  1. The colors are very nice and the clouds are really great. But yeah, either using the timer, a cable release, or a remote would help you get the sharpness in the scene at the bottom. If the clouds are moving, they won't ever be sharp with a long exposure. In order to have a short enough exposure for sharp clouds under night conditions, you would need to bump the ISO to something extremely high, which might not exist on your camera and in any case runs the risk of being very "grainy".