Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Circle of Life - Day 291

Snake gets Frog.  Very sad.  Frog makes pathetic noises when its leg is in a snake's mouth.  CrabGirl can't stand it.  Dad has to rescue frog, who hops off into the weeds, followed by very hungry snake.  To be continued....  I think that the snakes have found nirvana near our "fish" (i.e., frog) pond.  Who knows, we may have more snakes than frogs soon.


  1. Poor frog! Do the snakes bite?? People, not frogs.

  2. The snakes have been known known to bite if you chase after them and try to catch them because you are wanting to be Jeff Corwin. If you don't chase them, they run away all of the time. We actually don't have many snakes around the pond at all.