Monday, September 6, 2010

Flowers - Day 340

Since I am on a kick of getting inspiration from others, I tried to take pictures of some flowers in a lightbox today.  This is inspired by FotoGraf-Zahl.  His pictures are much better than mine.  I actually used my tripod to take these pictures in the light box, but really screwed up in a few ways: (1) I couldn't find my black background (CrabMama rearranged the entire basement over the last few days and I can't find anything!); (2) I used my 70-200 lens with an extender.  I typically like this combination, since this is the best lens that I own, but it shook too much on the tripod, and I don't have a remote shutter.  I set it for a delay, but I couldn't get the camera to stop bouncing.  Grrr...  I should have used a different lens; and (3) patience.  I have no patience.  This is my biggest problem with photography right now - lack of time to just relax, set up the shot well, and work it.  I am so pressed for time that I have to get my shots done as fast as possible.  Anyways......  Here are two shots that I am pretty happy with.

Queen Anne's Lace.  I like this one because it looks like fireworks.

Black-eyed Susan.  I love these flowers, as I have stated on numerous occasions.  This is a completely different take on it.  Really, really inspired (stolen) from FotoGraf-Zahl.


  1. I love it! :-)
    Thanks for the credits. ;-)
    I like the white background here - gives everything an elegant/graceful touch.

    BTW: I am going to post the second part of my series quite soon on my new blog.

  2. PS:
    I wouldn't call this "stolen" as you did, since it is still different (background and tones). ;-)