Thursday, August 12, 2010

Railroad - Day 315

I have to go home a completely different way to run across these tracks.  Sometimes I bike home out this way to avoid the big hill.


  1. This is really nice. Symmetrical, but not quite.

  2. Good composition!
    It would be interesting to see how this looks in black and white...

    Day 315 - can you already see the finish line? ;-)

  3. I should try it in B&W. Yeah, my sister and I have less than 2 months left. I have actually started thinking about what to do when this end. Should I keep going? Should I just stop? I don't know. I have learned so much doing this. It has been an extremely valuable experience. I had no idea that I would learn this much.

    At the same time, I could probably take a walk with the family and not fall behind in the first 100 feet and end up walking by myself due to my taking pictures of everything.

  4. These could be my words...
    When my project is over, I will feel both relieved and a bit sad at the same time.
    You should keep on shooting pictures and posting them in this or a new blog. Maybe not on a daily basis, but regularly.
    I am going to do this when my Project 365 is over and I would find it great if you did something similarly!