Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chocolate Balls - Day 323

I took a tour of a candy factory today (don't ask).  In the store, they had all sorts of stuff for sale.  I was hoping for some really good shots, but many of the pieces of candy were individually wrapped, which made for terrible pictures.  This is the best shot I got.  I really like this shot.  If you zoom in enough, you can see a shadow of me on some of the balls.  Sweet!


  1. Wow - how much I would love to eat this stuff right now...
    I don't buy chocolate/sweet stuff anymore, because if I had it at home, I could not stop...

    Anyway, this picture is really mouth-watering, I like the DoF!

  2. Thanks! It was tempting to buy a lot of this stuff, but I have been warned not to return with (to much) chocolate.

  3. I can't eat chocolate anymore (except for teh rare piece of dark chocolate without milk in it), so I don't look at this as food. It's a cool picture, though.