Monday, February 28, 2011

Barn #4

I am just posting a few pictures that I have been working on over the last couple of weeks, but have not posted.  Sorry that I am posting so many at one time!

With these pictures, I am working on two main things - lighting and straight lines.  I am a pretty big freak about straight lines.  I want everything to be parallel and orthogonal and symmetric, etc etc etc.  I really don't like it when I use a wide angle lens and the straight things end up at an angle (like the silo below).  See, right at the center of the picture, the barn's corner is perfectly vertical, but the edge of the silo is not and the opposite edge of the barn is not either.  This is because it was taken with a wide angle lens, and was not perfectly set up.  The problem is that I am not entire certain how to set up the picture so everything is parallel.  I think that I have to use a non-wide angle lens and move back a ways.  But, trees and other things get in the way.  So, I am working on it.

With lighting, this is an evening that I went out when the sun was nearly set.  I like the shadow of the tree on the barn.  I like the lighting in this.  I also like the coloring with the blues of the sky, the red barn and the "green" grass.


  1. I really love this -- the color saturation is just lovely. I know what you mean about straight lines. I sometimes spends just a little too much time obsessing over it (although, it really is important).

  2. The warm light is great in this picture!